For artists

Support for art projects

The Association Sculpture Path Vättis (Verein Skulpturenweg Vättis) supports artists wanting to realize a project in or around Vättis. Although our financial capabilities are limited, we are happy to help with assessing the feasibility of any proposal, with networking, advertising etc. We are open to any proposal that in some way relates to Vättis and results in some effect for the villages und or its residents and guests.

Contact us. We appreciate it when you give the feasibility of your ideas some thought before submitting your proposal.

The page about "Materials & Infrastructure" gives a general idea about feasabilities and opportunities although it was written for an old project.

Artist in Residence

Every year, the association invites an artist to live and work in Vättis for a couple of weeks. The surroundings serve as a source of inspiration. You are expected to relate your project to Vättis in some form or another. It should stay visible in Vättis or have some other, possibly lasting effect on the village and/ or its inhabitants and guests.

Any fine arts artist and also e.g. writers or composers from anywhere may apply. Lodging, food, infrastructure and materials will be supplied by the association. The association also helps with introductions, publicity in the media and internet and documents your stay and the project on its website.

Here you find the projects till today and here more information about a possible application.