Fappani-collection Vättis

In the year 2004, the village aquired, together with the municipality of Pfäfers, paintings from the legacy of the artists Erhard and Rosemarie Fappani. The intention is to exhibit the paintings periodically. Much of their work shows the landscape around Vättis.



Fappani exhibition 2007, Drachenlochmuseum, Vättis (Foto Korinna Fröhlich)

The mountains around Vättis

Seen and painted by Erhard Fappani (1936-1999)

September, 8th till October, 22nd 2007

Some paintings are for sale.

For further information about the Fappani-collection, please write to: Fappani-Kommission, c/o Korinna Fröhlich, Postfach 40, 7315 Vättis, Switzerland


[Katalognummer 127 Fappanisammlung]

Katalognummer 127


[Katalognummer 191 Fappanisammlung]

Katalognummer 191


[Katalognummer 357 Fappanisammlung]

Katalognummer 357